Best Advice When Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

best personal injury lawyer

If you’re involved in a complicated or very serious personal injury claim, you will need the advice of the best personal injury lawyer. Of course, you shouldn’t pick anyone for the job, rather you should look for someone with experience in handling personal injury claims and also very trustworthy.

Where To Find The Best Personal Injury Lawyers

There are a few ways to get the best referrals to experienced personal injury attorneys. Of course, you should shop a little further than the referrals and do lots of comparisons. If possible, you should choose a few candidates on your list and meet with them directly. During these meetings, you should discuss your case at length before you consider hiring someone for the job.

Remember, not everyone will be ready to accept the case so you shouldn’t also be prepared for rejection. For instance, there are a few lawyers who might reject a case simply because the recovery amount is too little or if the claim itself is not very clear. Some of the best places to find referrals to good personal injury lawyers include the following.

First, you should ask for referrals from your friends and acquaintances. If you have friends who have handled personal injury claims previously, you should ask for a referral from them. Ask about their experiences with that particular lawyer and if everything looks positive, you can put the lawyer’s name in your list of potential candidates. Don’t make a decision based only on the recommendation of another individual. Everyone will have something different to say about a lawyer’s personality or style. Make up your mind once you have met the lawyer, discussed your case in detail and assessed your comfort working with him/her.

Secondly, you can look for referrals from online lawyer directories. Some of the directories have location features where you can enter your case details and immediately you’re given details to a local lawyer. These directories usually provide useful information about the lawyers helping you select the right one for your case. For instance, you will find the lawyer’s education, experience and also prices. Take your time to go through a few lawyer profiles and choose the best candidates for your case.

Third, you can ask for referrals to a good personal injury lawyer from other lawyers. There are lots of lawyers who refer cases to each other. Therefore, if you know a lawyer who handles different types of cases, he/she can recommend a good personal injury lawyer to you. However, just like other referrals, don’t take the lawyers word without further vetting.

Lastly, you can use referral services to get a few good candidates. A few of the local bar associations work hand in hand with referral services that can provide potential clients with names of good lawyers for their cases. Most of these services usually have comprehensive profiles of lawyers who can handle different types of cases including personal injury cases. Therefore, you should contact the referral services and ask for a few lawyer profiles before making your decision.

How To Choose Best Lawyer For Your Personal Case

Now that you have a list of candidates from all the sources mentioned above, you need to plan a meeting with them to make sure you have chosen the right lawyer for your case. During these meetings, you should discuss your case at length as well as potential ways of handling it. There are lots of lawyers who don’t charge anything for the first consultation. Therefore, you can bring along all the documents pertaining to your case for the best advice. Some of the attributes to help you choose the best lawyer include the following.

1. Experience

Once you have discussed the details of your case with the lawyer, there are a few things that you need to find out before you can hire him/her.

  • How long has he/she practiced law, especially personal injury cases?
  • If the lawyer is all-rounded, what percentage goes to personal injury?
  • Does the lawyer represent defendants or plaintiffs? If you’re looking for a good personal injury lawyer, make sure he/she doesn’t handle primarily defendants rather than plaintiffs. That’s because they have a completely different way of thinking than those who have handled plaintiffs before.
  • Would the lawyer handle your case personally or pass it along to another lawyer? Most attorneys usually work in teams. Therefore, if you’re looking to hire a specific lawyer, make sure he/she handles your case personally without handing it over to their partner.

Once you have answered these questions, you should be able to find the best and most experienced personal injury lawyer for your case.

2. What’s The Settlement Objective?

In all the personal injury cases, the plaintiff desires an amount of compensation at the end of the case. Therefore, once you have discussed your case with the potential lawyer, he/she should have a figure in mind. As mentioned above, there are a few lawyers who might not take your case especially if it’s not worth anything.

Therefore, right from the start, you should ask about the amount of compensation the lawyer expects once the case is completed. Don’t forget that part of this amount goes to the lawyer too. Therefore, make sure the lawyer doesn’t hike up the amount too much just to get a bigger chunk of the money.

3. Overall Cost

Most personal injury cases might drag along forever. During this period, you will be paying any necessary court fees as well as paying your lawyer. Once the case is finally settled, you will find that the amount doesn’t cover anything, especially after you have paid for so many expenses. On the other hand, you might have hired a very expensive lawyer who ends up taking a huge chunk of your settlement money. Therefore, when looking for a personal injury lawyer, you should inquire about the lawyer fees as well as any other extras that might come along the way to be completely prepared.

With these amazing tips, you should be able to find the best personal injury lawyer for your case.

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